National Poly Hive with Shallow Roof

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This National mould is as durable as our deep roofed poly hive and is a single moulded high density polystyrene hive (160g/litre). It provides enhanced insulation properties and strength and comes ready painted and ready to use straight from the box. As with our original poly hive, they are also embossed on the top and bottom of both the brood boxes and supers with rigid plastic. Feeder is not included.

Sometimes there is water ingress in the runners of the boxes, because the two plastic surfaces are not watertight and plastic cannot absorb water like wood. This is normal and if found a problem can easily be rectified by smearing a good amount of Vaseline on the top of the plastic runners to create a watertight seal between boxes.

Frames/foundation, if included, comprise:
Frames DN4 x 11 + foundation (flat pack)

Frames SN4 x 22 + foundation (flat pack)

£175.00£272.00 inc. VAT

The hive also has the following features:

The roof: The shallow roof sits snugly on top of the crown board, giving the entire hive a slim-lined look. It is embossed with a recessed plastic hive strap guard which runs across the middle of the roof for extra protection when strapping up hives for transport or winter. On the underside of the roof there is also a recess 20mm in from it’s circumference to provide a snug fitting onto the crown board;

The crown board: There is a lip running around the circumference of the crown board which fits into the recess of the roof’s underside securing it for transport and preventing it from sliding. In the centre of the board is a moulded docking station for one of our 2.5L Ashforth feeders and a hole at one end of the dock, allowing the bees to come up from the brood box and into the feeder. There is also an additional circular hole in the centre of the dock for our 4 pint contact feeder to sit on top of and allow the bees access for feeding; Comes with plug for both holes.

Brood and Super boxes: Our super boxes have an improved aesthetic look and greater ergonomic grip on two faces of the boxes. The supers have 1 entrance hole in the middle of the front face of the box, to give flying bees quicker access to the honey supers and the brood has 1 entrance in the middle of the front face, allowing you to perform advanced manipulations to the brood for increase or swarm control. They are also embossed with our company name on them.

Floor: The alighting board on the floor has been shortened to allow for better storage of hives during transport and completing the slim-lined, aesthetic look of the hive. This modification shouldn’t affect the bees returning journey back to the hive and still provides enough of a board for them to land on. The floor comes with plastic tray.

These hives have the same exterior footprint as a Wooden National Hive.
The Brood Body and Super holds 11 Hoffman frames.

The hive consists of:

Crown Board
Supers x 2
Brood Box
Varroa Floor with Entrance Reducer