Pollen Dryer 10 Trays

Pollen Dryer 10 Trays

£199.00 inc. Vat

Pollen dryers available for; 6, 8 & 10 trays

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Product Description

Food dryers’ main features are:
»»Large drying surface
»»Regulated thermostat (29-63°C) that allows for excellent drying everytime it is used
»»Trays made of flexible plastic, they have holes on 75% of their surface. This solution simplifies the drying process and makes it faster.
»»Efficient ventilator located at the back of the device
»»Tray’s capacity – 0,5 kg – 1 kg depending on pollen humidity

Device is easy to clean.

Devices specification:
»»Tray’s height 3 cm
»» 240/110V; 60/50 Hz; 600W