Honey Warming Cabinet 180cm Collection at The Show

Honey Warming Cabinet 180cm

Equipped with heaters and three air circuits forced by fans, which allows the temperature to be kept evenly throughout the chamber.
This cabinet will hold up to 14 x 30 lb buckets, dependant on the shape or 9 standard National supers which can be placed directly into the cabinet to warm before extraction. It will warm the honey to a maximum temperature of 55 degrees.
The cabinet can also be used  to dry pollen.


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Honey Warming Cabinet 180cm

Holds up to 14 30lb buckets;
Equipped with thermostatup to 55 degrees;
Easy to clean;
6 stainless steel shelves;
Inside dimensions: 50cm W x 50cm x D 180cm H;
Outside dimensions: 68cm W x 54cm D x 188cm H;
230v, 950w;
2 year warranty;
Weight 70kg.