Uncapping Machine with Cappings Screw Press 230V PREMIUM

Uncapping Machine is available for National, Commercial and Langstroth frames.

Capping screw are designed to separate the honey from wax cappings, leaving the honey ready for filtering and the cappings dry and ready for melting.




£11,412.80 inc. VAT


  • Blades motor – 0.18 kW;
  • Feeding motor – 0.12 kW;
  • Motor’s rotational speed 9 rpm;
  • Power supply 230V
  • Heating power circuit 2 kw
  • Liquid level indicator
  • Warming the blades 10-15 min;
  • 1500 mm long table;

Cappings Screw Press HONEY/WAX SEPARATOR 100kg/h;

  • capacity up to 100kg/h;
  • power supply 240V;
  • motor 0.55kW;
  • regulated motor rotation speed: max 9 rev/min.