Uncapping Machine, Closed Circuit 230V

Uncapping Machine is available for National, Commercial and Langstroth frames.


Cappings Screw Press HONEY/WAX SEPARATOR 100kg/h

Cappings Screw Press HONEY/WAX SEPARATOR 50kg/h

Capping screw are designed to separate the honey from wax cappings, leaving the honey ready for filtering and the cappings dry and ready for melting.




£5,258.40 inc. VAT


  • Blades motor – 0.18 kW;
  • Feeding motor – 0.12 kW;
  • Motor’s rotational speed 9 rpm;
  • Power supply 230V
  • Heating power circuit 2 kw
  • Liquid level indicator
  • Warming the blades 10-15 min;
  • 1500 mm long table;


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