Api Life Var, 2 Wafer Pack

Apistan® is probably the best and simplest defence against the varroa mite. Since the 1980s it has been the benchmark treatment and is now registered for use in more than 40 countries. It is very easy to apply – simply insert two strips in the brood box of a standard colony for six weeks at the end of the season.

Each pack contains 10 strips, enough to treat 5 hives.

£3.00 inc. Vat

An alternative product for Varroa treatment.

Up to 95% efficacy, most effective when the temperature range is 65- 95F (18 – 35C).

Three applications are necessary at 7-10 day intervals.

This is a 2 wafer pack, you will need 2 packs to complete full treatment per hive.

Expiry Date 05/2020