Labelling Machine

An optional module for the automatic honey dispensing line, installed as an extension of the conveyor belt linking both turn tables. Another step towards the full automatic honey bottling process.

£9,799.00 inc. VAT

Data sheet

Product linePREMIUM
Power supply230V
Size750x900x950 mm
Warranty2 years*

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Module dedicated for W204004 honey bottling line. Automatic labelling machine is designated for automatiuc application of self-adhesive labels, significantly simplifying work process with labeling of filled jars. Device was designed to work with jars of capacity from 250 to 1250 g. Labeler is equipped with modern microprocessor controller, photoelectric sensor, responsible for positioning of jars and optical sensor, responsible for positioning of labels. Labeling efficiency depends on dispeser speed.

Labelling module:

  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz
  • Compatible with jars from 250 g to 1250 g
  • Adjustable speed conveyor belt
  • Modern digital controller
  • Compatible with self-adhesive labels
  • Max. label height: 120 mm
  • Max. label roll diameter: 240 mm
  • Label roll internal diameteri: 40-76 mm
  • Work pressure: 2-4 bar
  • Label guides: stainless, aluminium-poliurethane, with ball bearings