Brown Mating Hive API EPP

Made from 100% recyclable EPP, the walls are approx. 20mm thick for optimal insulation.
3-frame brood box, which can accommodate 5 frames with feeder section removed.
Roof with roller cage recesses.
Removable sliding floor.
Removable feeder – capacity for up to 500g fondant.
Transparent inner lid with an opening for the insertion of a queen’s cage with a cover flap.
Stackable thanks to four corner feet and indentations in the lid.

Comes complete with 3 plastic frames, queen excluder, ventilation grid and transparent inner lid.

£28.50 inc. VAT

EPP is similar to polystyrene, but with a number of additional features has significant advantage over its older competitors. Due to its increased resistance to physical and chemical factors, it is increasingly used where the production material is put to a severe test by the user. Products made of foamed polypropylene can withstand even very heavy loads, which allows to maintain a long life and functionality of the device. One of the most appreciated advantages of EPP is its resistance to moisture. It means that even if it is in contact with water or wetland for a long period of time, it does not absorb water, does not get wet and is not susceptible to mould, fungus or rust. But that is not all. The latest discovery of the industrial world, is also known for its good acoustic and thermal insulation properties, and this opens up further possibilities for manufacturers to use EPP. However, what puts EPP high on the podium in comparison with other construction materials is the fact that items made from it are fully recyclable.