MelliFlow Pro – Small Dents

The table has been designed several applications, and its main purpose is to unfold the frames. However, this is not all it offers. It is also equipped with a table heating function, which allows you to decrystallize and liquefy honey in slices. Heating cover, thanks to which it is possible to melt the caps remaining at the bottom of the table after uncapping the frames. In addition, thanks to the use of a hinged cover and two actuators, it is possible to open and close it conveniently. This functionality significantly improves the work of beekeepers and increases the efficiency of the process of uncapping and processing the combs.

Table construction – acid-resistant stainless steel, heated bottom, insulated with mineral wool
Heating cover construction – stainless steel, insulated.

MelliFlow Pro – Small dents on the cover.

£2,715.00 £3,395.00 inc. VAT

  • The table is powered by a standard voltage of 230V and has a total power of 2.3 kW. It consists of a heated bottom with a power of 250 W, a heating cover with a power of 2000 W and a cover fan with a power of 30 W. Thanks to this, even and effective heating is ensured.

    The table insert has a perforation along the entire length of the bottom, which ensures free flow of honey from the tail or wax during melting. In addition, the table is accompanied by a rail that adjusts the width inside, allowing it to be adapted to different types of frames*. The legs of the table are made of stainless steel and equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to carry the device and maneuver it in the beekeeping workshop. The table also has a stainless flap valve with a diameter of 6/4″, which allows easy emptying of the tank.

    Temperature control is carried out using the MHC-01 temperature controller for the heated bottom and a mechanical capillary controller for the heating cover. This ensures precise temperature control, tailored to your specific needs. The internal dimensions of the table are 1000 mm long, 515 mm wide, 400 mm high at the sides and 450 mm high in the middle. The height of the table without lid is 910 mm, which makes it ergonomic and comfortable to use.

    The total height of the table is 1150 mm. The solid construction, made of high quality materials, ensures not only durability, but also resistance to environmental conditions, which translates into long-term and reliable use in the daily work of the beekeeper.