Queen Rearing Course – 25th May 2024

This one day course run by Mike Brown former Head of National Bee Unit (NBU) and Damian Cierniak former Apiary Manager at NBU.  Based on the article written in 2002 by Mike Brown and David Wilkinson ” Rearing Queen Bees in a Queenright Colony”, this course will be based on this method.  The National Bee Unit has used the queenright rearing method for over 20 years.  This highly regarded  method  is now brought to you through this course which you can adapt for your own use at home.  The course will be approximately 20% theory based and 80% practical.

Topics covered will include:

  • Selecting your colony
  • Successful preparation and maintenance of a queen right colony for successive queen cell raising cycles
  • Grafting young worker larvae into queen cells
  • Clipping, marking and packaging mated queens for sale or introduction

An completion of this course you will have gained the knowledge and skills required to raise your own queens enabling you to requeen your colonies and increase your stock of bees.

£195.00 inc. VAT

For beekeepers queen rearing can be a daunting task, seeming complicated and time consuming.  It is however, a valuable skill needed to produce your own queens sucessfully and improve your stock.
During this course you will learn the basic methods and skills needed along with some practical experience.

The course will be held at our shop Abelo, Old Station Yard, Common Road, Dunnington, York, YO19 5EP