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Power supply:

  • power 230 V
  • engine power: 250 W
  • heater power: 3000 W

Dimensions and weight:

  • external dimensions: length 900 x width 900 x height 1110 mm
  • basket height / diameter: 480/505 mm
  • weight: 41 kg


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Very often, after the end of honey picking, beekeepers start melting the wax from frames where is no honey any more. Numerous devices that have been manufactured in our company for many years come to their aid. We offer state-of-the-art technological solutions that enable the professional performance of the above-mentioned activities. Our staff of constructors cares about the highest quality of projects and construction solutions. You can choose our products to suit your apiary needs. Equipment offer; honey extractors, melters, honey tanks, and clothes is very wide, optimized for the implementation of each beekeeping work.


In the case of the wax melting process, we have introduced a special type, a rotary melter, which is designed to select wax from cut slices or entire frames to be placed in a perforated basket. The charge is heated to an appropriate temperature, enabling effective wax centrifugation. A heater is immersed at the bottom of the drum – it is immersed in water, thanks to which steam is generated. The melter itself is equipped with an external tank with a water supply that is too low. This prevents the heater from burning out. It should be added that when the melter requires a suitable temperature, it allows the charge to do  approx 20 minutes. Use our professional devices, trust the LYSON brand.

Technical data and product advantages:

  • drum, perforated basket with an eyelet Ø3, cover: stainless steel – acid-resistant 0H18N9
  • legs, rim, administrative housing: black powder coated steel
  • valve: flap 6/4
  • driver: SDD-2DP
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