Beekeeping Trailer with Side Panels and Platform Scale

The hive trailer is a great convenience for any beekeeper who runs apiaries in different locations. Thanks to it, it is possible to transport the hives safely and comfortably to a place where the forage is more valuable. The trailer we offer is additionally equipped with an apiary scale, which provides information on sudden weight loss of the hive via SMS notifications, as well as reports on current measurements.

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£4,995.00 inc. VAT

Construction of the trailer The transport trailer with side panels and scales has a special design to ensure the safety of the hives during transport. The drawbar on the trailer is guided from the axle for greater structural strength. All frame components are hot-dip galvanised to guarantee durability, as well as high corrosion resistance. The trailer is equipped with additional elements such as a support wheel with clamp and a frame for a number plate. Positioning the beehives on the trailer Stable mounting of the hives is possible thanks to the beekeeping platform used. Once the hives have been transported to their destination, the platform functions as a stand. Several platforms can be supplied, making it possible to run a travelling apiary divided into different locations. GSM weighing module – an additional advantage of the trailer One of the most important assets of the trailer is the GSM* weighing module, which allows the beekeeper to remotely monitor the weight of the hives and thus draw conclusions about what is happening in his apiary. By monitoring the weight gain of the hives on the platform on a daily basis, the beekeeper can gain information on how the bees are using the forage. The weighing module is also equipped with an anti-theft sensor – in the event of a rapid weight loss, a “MASS LOSS” text message will be sent immediately. The GSM weighing module is characterised by: – measuring range up to 1000kg (measurement increments of 10g) – battery power supply (6 xAA) – operating time approx. 3.5 – 4 months – sending a report via SMS once a day – automatic “MASS LOSS” alarm in case of overturning the hive or theft – Polish production Operating mode 1 measurement per day (the weight measurement report is sent automatically once a day via text message to the phone number provided). *A SIM card (prepaid) is required to activate the scale. The customer decides on the amount of the card top-up or possible subscription. Each module is encrypted with a 5-digit PIN. If the power supply is disconnected, the module will ask for this code again. A trailer for transporting beehives is an investment that will certainly pay off. It allows you to transport your hives anywhere without any problems, which is essential for the proper functioning of a mobile apiary.

Technical specifications:
Cargo box dimensions – 300 x 150 x 35 cm
Height of side panel – 35 cm
Unladen weight – 315 kg
Gross vehicle weight – 750 kg
Payload of the trailer – 435 kg
Payload after installation of a beekeeping platform – 309 kg
Total length – 442 cm
Platform height from the ground – 66 cm
Tyre size – 155/70R13
Axles – 2 pcs.
Wheels – 4 pcs.