Beekeeping Platform Scale

The platform beekeeping scale enables the constant monitoring of honey supply and loss in the hives. On this basis, we can draw conclusions about what is happening in the apiary, e.g. how the bees are using the forage or how much food is being consumed.  A simple SIM card (prepaid) is needed to run the service. The customer decides on the amount of the card’s top-up or possible subscription. Each module is encrypted with a 5-digit PIN. When the power supply is disconnected, it requests the entry of this code.

Thanks to battery power, the beekeeper is off grid, which is of great importance when setting up the trailer in the field. The module’s operating time has been estimated at several months, up to four months or more – depending on the quality of the battery and weather conditions.

A weight measurement report is automatically sent once a day to a given telephone number via SMS text message.

The weighing module is equipped with an automatic anti-theft sensor – in the event of a sudden weight loss, a “MASS LOSS” text message will be sent immediately to inform that something bad has happened to the hives.

NO SHIPPING – Collection only from York.

£2,499.00 inc. VAT

The GSM weighing module is characterised by:

– measuring range up to 1000kg (measurement increments of 10g)
– battery power supply (6 xAA) – operating time approx. 3.5 – 4 months
– sending a report via SMS once a day
– automatic “MASS LOSS” alarm in case of overturning the hive or theft

Operating mode 1 measurement per day (the weight measurement report is automatically sent once a day to the specified phone number via text message).