Honey Creaming and Liquefier Machine 100L PREMIUM

A perfect way to achieve creamed honey.  Equipped with electric heating cables around the drum providing consistent heating and a temperature controller which prevents the honey from overheating. 

This creamer be also be used for warming crystalised honey and can be fitted with a honey bottling valve to assist with jarring your honey.

The creamer can also be easily connected the honey bottling machine for a seamless automated process.

The process of creaming should take place in repetitive work – rest cycles
Stirrer operation – 15 min
Rest 45 mins.



£3,075.00 inc. VAT


  • power supply 230 V
  • CE-03 controller with adjustable creaming cycle times
  • LCD display
  • mixer speed 36 rpm
  • digital controller, temperature range 30-55 °C
  • made of acid resistant stainless steel