Honey Creaming and Liquefier Machine 600L

Honey creaming machine is a designed to blend honey to a creamed consistency.  Made of acid proof stainless steel and fitted with a fully automated controller.  Achieving creamed honey is a slow process that requires each batch to “rest” between mixing cycles.  The customised controller allows you to set the mixing and rest cycles to any combination to reach your desired consistency.  Typically 15 minutes of mixing to one hour of “rest”.

Equipped with electric heating cables around the drum providing consistent heating and a temperature controller which prevents the honey from overheating. This creamer be also be used for warming crystalised honey and can be fitted with a honey bottling valve to assist with jarring your honey.

The creamer can also be easily connected the honey bottling machine for a seamless automated process.


  • 600L capacity;
  • 400V power supply;
  • temperature control from 30°C to 55°C (digital display);
  • stainless steel valve

£7,995.00 inc. VAT