Magnetic Sign ,,CAUTION Honey Bees in Transit” Size A4

This water- and weatherproof magnetic and vinyl Bee Keeping Sign is made for long term, repeated outdoor use on cars, vans and other vehicles. It is rust-free, frost-proof and UV-resistant. It works like other magnetic signs, for example L plates, in that it clips onto anything metal in your vehicle.

The magnetic sign warns other drivers and anyone approaching your vehicle as to what you have on board so it is perfect when you have to pick up a swarm or transfer your bees by vehicle to and from hives or where ever they are located and need transported to. Its yellow colour attracts attention easily and its clear message can be understood fast. As it is magnetic you can simply attach to any vehicle as and when you need to use it.

The sign is approx. 210mm / 21cm / 8.2 inches wide, approx. 297mm / 29.7cm / 11.7 inches high.