The Educational Beehive

Scientific research indicates that children learn best through play, and using an educational methods based on entertainment can significantly increase their ability to remember information. In this context, the 12-frame educational beehive is an excellent tool to complete lessons related to beekeeping topics. The presented product clearly and enjoyably presents subjects related to the apiary, the anatomic structure of the bee, melliferous plants, bee products and pollination.


The demonstration hive consists of an original polystyrene beehive of the Dadant type, equipped with twelve frames with teaching boards. Each frame has two color boards on both sides, with dimensions of 435×300 mm. Graphics on educational boards have been placed in wooden frames, which allows children to even better illustrate the internal structure of the beehive. In addition, the body, roof and bottom are made of high-quality polystyrene, which makes the demonstration hive lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport during a beekeeping presentation.

Texts on the teaching boards have been written in an accessible, understandable form, which allows children of different ages and levels of scientific advancement to understand the presented issues. In addition, the boards are enriched with graphics that complement the presentation and make it even more attractive to children. The color scheme of the boards and the demonstration beehive has been thoughtfully selected to attract the attention of even the most demanding young listeners and encourage them to explore the fascinating world of bees, flowers and nature. 

Specification of the product:

Educational, polystyrene beehive, painted, Dadant + set of 12pcs frames with teaching boards on both sides.


Educational hive composition:

• 1 x bottom Dadant

• 1 x body Dadant

• 1 x roof Dadant