Cappings Screw Press HONEY/WAX SEPARATOR 200kg/h

Capping screw are made using food grade stainless steel. They are designed to separate the honey from wax cappings, leaving the honey ready for filtering and the cappings dry and ready for melting.

£6,550.00 inc. VAT

This process takes place inside a rotating, perforated cylinder that separates and compresses the cappings, causing the honey to run through the holes on the outside of the module and into a sieve located underneath. The wax is pushed through the screw where it is compressed and stretched, leaving it ready for melting.


  • capacity up to 200kg/h;
  • power supply 240V;
  • motor 1.1kW;
  • regulated motor rotation speed: max 9 rev/min.


  • height 70 cm;
  • width 70 cm;
  • length 175cm.