Electric 30 Frame Radial Extractor – Premium Line

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Premium Line honey extractors are made of the highest quality materials and components ensuring reliability and long life. All premium line devices come with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Advance automatic programming.
The HE-03 is equipped with the latest electronic processor enabling full control over speed and length of spin. Easy to use and reliable.

Product Code: A0078

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  • Will take 30 shallow or deep frames: National, Smith, Langstroth;
  • 800 mm drum diameter;
  • 600 mm drum height;
  • Automatic steering;
  • Power supply 240V;
  • Motor 0.55kW

The main features of HE-03 include:
• 8 fully programmable automatic cycles.
• Large (4.3”) TFT graphic display with energy-saving LED illumination.
• Graphics Resolution: 480×272 pixels make it easy to read.
• 8 ergonomically designed settings.
• Illumination makes it easy to use in all light conditions.
• Extracting cycle’s visual editor with built-in parameters for autocorrecting.
• 2 independent timers to measure the extractor working time.
• Advanced diagnostic-controlling functions to constantly monitor the extractor whilst spinning.
• Calibrated speed control using a Mitsubishi vector inverter.

The Electromagnetic safety lock; the built-in safety lock (fitted onto the extractor’s lid) cuts the power supply off once the cover is open which immediately stops the basket.
The Stand is made of stainless steel, Stable and easy to dismantle.
The Drum is made of acid resistant stainless steel, 0,8 mm thick, strengthened and reinforced, with 2 drains 2”. The bottom is conical, made of acid resistent stainless steel, 1 mm thick
The Transparent lids are made of meta-plexi, allowing you to safely observe the spinning process.
The extractor drive consists of a high gear- THF eco-line motor directly coupled to the central shaft of the extractor cage. Using an E1000 series inverter-enables considerable energy savings. Power consumption can be reduced by up to 35% without affecting the performance of the extractor.