3-in-1 Extractor and Uncapper

This all-in-one system integrates three separate pieces of equipment into one: a radial honey extractor, uncapping table and strainer. Because of its compact size, it’s ideal for the hobbyist and commercial beekeepers because storage and space can sometimes be restricted. The drum and basket are made from acid resistant stainless steel. It is stable and easy to dismantle. The lid is made from perspex and fitted with a safety lock. A user friendly workspace allows you to uncap and move frames directly into a 20 frame radial extractor while a set of stainless steel sieves strains wax cappings and settles honey with that of the extracted honey for one combined source coming from the tanks honey gate.

Height 1300 mm
Width 710 mm
Length 1200 mm

Honey capacity: bottom of extractor will hold up to about 47kg of honey before overflowing the extractor shaft.

  • Radial extractor holds 8 deep frames or 20 shallow frames
  • Includes a stainless honey gate
  • Controller with 10 speeds
  • 120V AC power
  • Power supply 230V

£1,795.00 inc. VAT