Electric 20 Frame Radial Extractor – Premium Line

Premium Line honey extractors are made of the highest quality materials and components ensuring reliability and long life. All premium line devices come with a 3-year warranty as standard.

Product Code: A0075


£1,790.00 inc. VAT

The base of the honey extractors are cone shaped allowing all of your extracted honey to drain out easily. No more tilting your extractor on its side to get the last drops out.


  • Will take 20 shallow or 8 deep frames: National, Smith, Langstroth;
  • 600 mm drum diameter;
  • 610 mm drum height;
  • Power supply 240V and 12V;
  • Motor 350W.
  • Large and clear LCD  display with a WiFi plug (optional equipment). Allows to control the device using any portable device such as tablet, phone, computer etc… for data collection.