Manual Honey Dispenser

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The manual bottler is designed for manual filling of jars, bottles with syrup, honey and other thick substances. Thanks to the adjustable stand, it can be used for jars and bottles of various heights. Its height can be adjusted to the needs of the operator depending on the vessels into which the dosed substance will be poured. The maximum dimensions of the jar are: height 12 cm, diameter 7 cm. The volume of the bottler’s tank is 14 dm3.

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  • made of stainless, acid-resistant steel 0H18N9
  • maximum vessel dimensions: Ø 70 mm / height 120 mm
  • adjustable stand for jars of different heights
  • bottler dosing: max to capacity 150 ml
  • dimensions of the manual bottler: length 320, width 270, height 710 mm
  • tank volume: 14 dm3
  • weight: 16.5 kg

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