Heated Honey Sump 1000mm

Designed specifically for the clarification of large quantities of honey.

This Honey Sump comes fully insulated. The body of the sump can be set to a temperature between 30 -55 degrees. 

Honey from the extractor is fed into the sump in its raw state. This flows through the sump passing through  different grade filters each removing wax and cappings from the honey whilst it is gently heated.  The clarificaton process is complete once the honey passes through the finest grade filter.

£1,690.00 inc. VAT


  • power supply 230V/50Hz;
  • temperature control from 30°C to 55°C (digital display);
  • heating power 440W

External dimensions:

  • length 1140 mm
  • height 350mm
  • width 510mm

Internal dimensions:

  • length 1000 mm
  • depth 300mm
  • width 410mm