Candipolline Gold One Kilo Pouches


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1 kg Sealed Pack

Candipolline Gold is a new concept of feeding bees and must not be confused with normal candy. Poly-flower pollen, proteins and vitamins specific for the brood are mixed in a candy patty to stimulate the bee colony and to improve the queen differentiation.

Our customers enjoy Candipolline Gold for its ease of use and its stable formula that maintains consistency for a long period both in warm weather and with low temperatures. Candipolline Gold is proven to be well digested by bees and provides the balanced support for the beehive all year long.




Out of stock

For best results Candipolline Gold is recommended during the autumn season to prepare the colony for the winter rest and in early spring to boost the colony for the forthcoming season. Nonetheless, Candipolline Gold can be used all year round.