Insulated Roof with Metal Cover for Wooden Hive

This 6″ deep insulated roof is compatible with all woodend standard National hives.  The insulation provided by this polysterene roof keeps the internal hive temperature far more constant.   In our cold and wet winter months wooden hives retain water which can lead to damp conditions for the hive.  By introducing an insulated roof to your hive a large proportion of damp can be eliminated.  Internal heat produced by the colony is retained in the hive due to the insulation properties provided by polysterene.  There is sufficient space under the roof for fondant.

Metal cover made from Aluzinc:

  • Highly corrosion resistant alloy
  • Reflects a significant proportion of sunlight
  • Limiting overheating and can withstand excessive temperatures without deterioration

Colour may vary/may be unpainted dependant on stock levels

£54.50 inc. VAT


Green, Yellow, Grey, Unpainted