Abelo National Poly 6 Frame Nuc


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Following the popularity of our National Poly Hive the new National Poly Nucleus is designed to the same high standard. Manufactured and designed by Lyson using innovative technology which allows 160g of high-density polystyrene to be cleverly moulded to include a reinforced plastic rebate. This enables the component parts of the nucleus to combine neatly together forming an interlocking system which provides a more secure fit. Feeder not included.

NB:  The brood box and floor have been secured using 6 screws to assist with easier handing.  These can be removed easily from underneath if they are not required.


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Our rebated roof has been specifically designed to enable the bee-keeper better temperature control. It can accommodate either type of plug allowing for total hive ventilation by removing the plugs or using the black plastic plugs. Or the air passage can be blocked completely using the white polystyrene plugs.

Our rebated and fully ventilated Crown Board also allows our Ashforth feeder to fit neatly under the roof space. Bee fondant can also be placed directly onto the Crown Board. A slotted entrance to the feeder can be sealed off preventing access when feeding is not necessary.

Our rebated six frame brood box will accommodate Standard National Frames which incorporate frame space allowing the Bee keeper ease in the removal of the frames. Our cleverly integrated plastic rebate will help avoid damage caused by hive tools and our ‘single mould’ brood box has ergonomic handles on all four sides. 

Our floor, crafted from moulded plastic, offers the beekeeper a durable, easy to clean and hygienic finish to the nucleus. The fully ventilated and specially designed shape also offers integrated hand holds for ease of transportation and fitting of hive straps.
The nucleus comes supplied with a cleverly designed multi entrance reducer which fits directly onto the landing board. This gives the beekeeper a variety of options to reduce the size of the entrance or close if off completely.  Renowned for its exceptional insulation properties and bespoke formed air flow system the new National Poly Nucleus gives the beekeeper complete control over the air flow and temperature control throughout.

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