Abelo Mating Hive

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These hives provide two queen rearing compartments in one hive separated by a polysterene divider. The ability to stack brood boxes (available separately) give you the option to overwinter your colony without the need to transfer hives. Colours may vary.

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The Abelo mating hive is the perfect environment for queen rearing.  These are single moulded high density polystyrene hives (160g/litre) providing enhanced insulation properties and strength. They come ready painted and ready to use straight from the box. We have also embossed the top and bottom of both the brood boxes and supers with rigid plastic.

  • Ready assembled.
  • Dimensions: 300mm long, 300mm wide, 340mm high.
  • Components: Roof, Feeder, Brood Box, 6 Frames, Floor, Various Entrance, Vents, Dividers.
  • Frame size:150 x 200 mm

No frames, Frames, Frames pre-wired with starter strip, Frames pre-wired with foundation