Apitraz® Varroa Treatment, Batch 300241801, Exp 10/2024

Developed and manufactured by Calier Laboratories in Europe

Apitraz® is an Amitraz based product for the treatment of varroa destructor in Apis Melifera. Treatment with Apitraz requires you to use two easy-to-use strips per brood box this will provide the correct dose to control varroa and prevent resistence from occuring.

  • Active substance with demonstrated efficacy of 99% against varroa mites.
  • Not Harmful to Bees.
  • Easy self-hanging mechanism, simply fold the two tabs and insert between frames.
  • 10 week treatment period, which can play a key role in reducing reinfestation.
  • No residue in wax or honey.
  • Packet of 10 strips.
  • Apitraz has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture.

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Slow release polymers ensure effective distribution of the active ingredient throughout the hive 2 week withholding period – this means you need to wait 2 weeks after the treatment has been removed before putting on your honey boxes.

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