Dispenser for formic and acetic acid

The optimal time for the treatment is late summer, early autumn. It is safe to carry it out when the air temperature outside does not exceed 23-24 °C.

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How to use the dispenser?

 The dispensers should be filled with formic acid few hours before putting them in the hives. This is to ensure that the absorbent material contained in them soaks up evenly. This can be done even a day before they are scheduled to be placed in the hives. Formic acid vapours are heavier than air, so the dispenser should be placed on top of the nest.  The evaporation surface of our dispensers can be adjusted. In the initial phase the opening should be  small. The bees usually seem irritated at the beginning of the treatment: they come out in front of the hive and fly around it. Over time this behaviour disappears, and if the temperature does not exceed the maximum allowed value, the evaporation surface should be increased. The adjustment of the dispenser offers 6 opening sizes. This feature allows to take notes, and check the correlation between the temperature and the size of the opening and the behaviour of bees in colonies of different strength.  This subsequently allows the beekeeper to formulate an appropriate, effective and safe way for using the dispensers. 70-80 ml of acid can be poured into a single device at a time. This is the amount that the dispenser is able to absorb and evaporate efficiently.