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Apivar is the industry leading treatment for controlling the varroa mite.

  • plastic polymer strips continually release amitras over 6-8 weeks
  • eliminates several generations of varroa mite.
  • removes betewen 96 and 98.6% of mites when used correctly
  • use all year round upto twice a year
  • easy to use – simply hang 2 plastic strips per brood box

Apivar comes in a pack of 10 strips. Each treatment requires the use of 2 strips meaning that each pack will treat five hives. Strips are 210x40mm wide and therefore fit neatly between the frames without having to be cut or bent.  The active ingredient is Amitraz which paralyzes the varroa mite causing it to fall off the bees.

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Apitraz® Varroa Treatment, Batch 300241801, Exp 10/2024


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