Honey Liquefier 150L – Premium Line

Capacity 150 litres;
Conical bottom;
Material stainless steel 0H18N9 (AISI 304);
Heating Power 440W;
Temperature control from 30°C – 55°C;
Digital display;
Flap valve 6/4″;
Dimensions (inner Ø, outer Ø, outer height) 500/600 / 985 mm;
Weight 39.00 kg.

£1,395.00 inc. VAT

The innovation of this clarifier lies in the use of a conical bottom and an advanced heating jacket that ensures even heating of the honey, eliminating the risk of excessive heating or burning. The settler is equipped with a 6/4″ stainless steel valve, which allows you to precisely adjust the honey flow according to individual preferences. The device, thanks to the use of a heating jacket, performs a decrystallization function. Over time, most types of honey crystallize, which leads to the formation of tiny sugar crystals. The procedure is extremely simple: just place the honey in the settler, select the appropriate temperature of the heating jacket (it is especially recommended to keep it at 42 degrees Celsius to preserve the valuable properties of the honey), and then wait until the honey returns to liquid form.