Gas Steam Wax Melter – Large

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Acid-proof stainless steel

Dimensions of the basket for frames:
length – 875 mm
width – 460 mm
height – 455 mm
weight – 35 kg

Tank dimensions:

length 1050 mm
width: 620 mm
height: 940 mm

Free: gas stool
Power supply: LPG

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Guide to using the wax melter.
1. Fill the tank with water to the drain pipe level.
2. Fill the basket with frames or dried honeycombs
3. Put the lid on.
4. Place the gas burner under the centre of the wax
melter such that it heats the whole bottom surface
5. Wait until the steam is generated and collect the
melted wax, which will flow out through the drain
pipe. Caution wax is hot!
6. After wax stops flowing carefully check the water
level and top up if required.
7. Re-fill the basket with frames or dried honeycombs
8. Repeat as per 5 and 6 until no more wax flows
9. After final melting turn the gas burner off and
close the gas cylinder
10. Clean the basket and prepare it for the next