Gas Steam Wax Melter – Large

This wax melter allows for the melting down of old combs or cappings using steam.  Water is added via the external fill arm which is heated with the aid of a gas burner.  Steam fills the wax melter and the melted wax runs out of the pipe at the bottom of the tank.  Frames and cappings are placed in an internal basket  which collects the “junk”.  Frames can then be re-used with new foundation.

Not for use with plastic frames/foundation.

Honey is not recoverable from this unit.  Any honey present will become mixed with the wax and water leaving the unit.

£950.00 inc. VAT

Basket Dimensions :

  • length – 875 mm
  • width – 460 mm
  • height – 455 mm
  • weight – 35 kg

Tank Dimensions:

  • length 1050 mm
  • width: 620 mm
  • height: 940 mm

Power supply: LPG