Steam Wax Melter

This steam wax melter is easy to use.  Fill the steamer with water to the fill line and connect.  Then add wax to the stainless steel basket and clip on the lid.  Place the metal tray beneath.   Once the steamer reaches temperature the wax will melt and to flow into the tray.


£225.00 inc. VAT

Comes with the following pieces of equipment:

  • Polypropylene container, cap. 33l and lid.
  • Basket stainless steel, cap. 20l
  • Metal stand
  • Tray for wax
  • Steam generator

Basket dimentions:  Approx 30 cm diameter and 35 cm deep.

Voltage 230V/50Hz
Power – 1800 W
Capacity – 4 l