WBC National Hive English Cedar – Assembled

This hive is what everyone thinks of when talking about beehives. It’s the pretty cottage style usually painted white and known as the “Classic beehive”. The advantage of this hive is that it is double-walled and can offer great protection in adverse weather, especially if you keep your hive in a cold damp windy environment.
Unlike other more expensive brands that use thinner wood, all our WBC Brood and Supers are made from 16mm thick solid cedar, offering even more protection and durability.


What you get:

1 x Varroa Floor (Including Mesh) with slide out inspection tray.
1 x Gabled Roof with metal lid and 2 x cone escapes.
1 x Lift with porch.
2 x Lifts.
1 x Brood box.
2 x Super boxes.
1 x Crown board with 2 x Porter Bee escapes.
1 x Sliding entrance block.

£450.00 inc. VAT

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