Solar Wax Melter EPP

Wax recovered from frames melted in a solar melter becomes brighter thanks to UV rays. Their action effectively disinfects it at the same time. The cover of the device is made of a special material – cellular polycarbonate – which concentrates the sun’s rays in order to use the energy most effectively. As a result, the inside of the melter heats up very quickly when it is exposed to sunlight. The body of the melter has contoured recessed handles for easy use and moving the device. Inside the chamber of the solar melter, there is a metal sieve that holds the debris. This construction allows the recovery of pure wax, which flows into the tray and does not come into contact with the frame. The EPP wax melter is very light, yet durable and robustly made. The material from which it is made is characterized by its resistance to damage and low moisture absorption. Furthermore, EPP is a fully recyclable material.

£169.00 inc. VAT

Outside Dimensions:

Length – 600mm
Width – 400mm
Height – 330mm

Internal Tray Dimensions:

Length – 490mm
Width – 305mm


Weight – 4.1 kg