National 14×12 Hive with Flat Roof Cedar Assembled

The National hive is the most popular in the UK, it is a single walled hive and is easy to handle and manipulate.

Supplied assembled. The boxes are designed with runners integrated into the wood. Steel runners can be purchased if required. Bottom bee space. Manufactured from cedar 2nd quality.

The Brood Box 14×12 takes 11 14×12 Hoffman Self-Spacing Frames and the Super takes 11 SN4 Hoffman Self-Spacing Frames or 11 SN1 Frames.

£250.00 inc. VAT

What you get CEDAR Second quality  supplied ASSEMBLED:

1 x Varroa Floor (Including Mesh) with slide out inspection tray.
1 x 4″ Flat Roof with metal lid.
1 x Brood box 14×12.
2 x Super boxes.
1 x Crown board with 2 x Porter Bee escapes.
1 x Entrance block with summer and winter holes.

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