Honey Bottling Machine With Scale – Premium Line

This multifunctional device with scales has been designed for beekeepers who bottle honey into jars of different capacities. It offers a range of functions that ensure perfect dosing accuracy.

Intuitive touch control: effortlessly navigate the honey dispensing process with our user
friendly 4.3″ touchscreen panel
Adjustable dispensing height: adjust the pouring height to suit your needs – from 110mm to
210mm, ensuring a perfect fit for different jar sizes.
Automatic jar tare: our dispenser automatically zeros the weight of the jar before each
dispensing, ensuring precise measurements every time.
Convenience without calibration: our dispenser eliminates the need for pre-calibration,
allowing you to start dispensing straight away
Removable tray: allows you to safely clean the dispenser when needed

£2,750.00 inc. VAT

Technical parameters:
Type of dosing module: gear
Drive: electric
Power supply: 230V
Power: 180W
Height adjustment range of dispensing module: 110-210 mm
Minimum jar height: 100mm
Maximum jar height: 186mm
Minimum jar diameter: 40mm
Maximum jar diameter: 110mm
Filling range: 10g-9000g
Capacity (* depending on density and type of honey) [500g jars / h]: 400 pcs.
Dimensions: 485/385/540 (H/W/D)
Weight: 30kg