National Poly Ashforth Hive

Introducing our latest innovative hive. This hive combination comprises of:

Poly Ashforth Feeder
Brood Box
Brood Box
Varroa Floor with Entrance Reducer

We have replaced the traditional crown board on this hive with the poly Ashforth feeder giving you the ability to use this feeder for feeding both syrup and fondant at any time of year.

Each Brood Body holds 11 Hoffman frames.

Frames/foundation, if included, comprise:
Frames DN4 x 22 + foundation (flat pack).

£195.00£245.00 inc. VAT

The Ashforth feeder holds 10 litres of syrup. This feeder can also be used upside down in the cooler months providing an insulated space for bees to feed on the fondant. The feeder is made of 15mm thickness of polystyrene and will sit upside down above the winter cluster allowing them to take fondant in more temperate conditions.