12 Frame National Poly Hive 14 x 12 with Super

Abelo are committed to improving the design and functionality of all of our products to provide fit for purpose, beekeeping equipment and poly hives. We are proud to announce that we have developed a brand new, 12 frame National poly hive system that offers top bee space, rebated plastic interlocking system and integrated hive tool damage protection.

The first of its kind on the UK market, the Abelo 12 Frame National Poly Hive 14 x 12 offers fully rebated super and brood boxes which are designed to accommodate 12 x National frames 14 x 12.

Our 12 Frame Poly Hive 14 x 12 will be a valuable addition to your apiary offering the same high standard of innovative technology used in our 6 frame poly nucleus.
The Abelo 12 Frame National Poly Hive 14 x 12 combines fully interlocking rebated components which protect against the elements ensuring unbeatable insulation for your bees.

Please note that the pictures are for illustration purpose only.

We will continue to manufacture all poly hive variants to ensure we provide beekeeping systems to suit all styles and management methods.

£188.00£268.05 inc. VAT

£229.96 for 3 item(s)

Our integrated plastic interlocking rebate system will help avoid damage caused by hive tools and ensure the products have an extensive working life. They also guard against the movement of the component parts during transit and inclement weather.

The Abelo 12 Frame Poly Hive 14 x 12 offers the same host of features included in all the poly hives we manufacture such as high density, steam moulded polystyrene (160g/l), entrance blocks with brood boxes/supers, rot proof plastic floors and integrated plastic frame runners.

  • Most popular hive in the UK
  • Manufactured and designed by Lyson using innovative technology with over 30 years experience
  • Will take 12 National frames 14 x 12
  • Single moulded high-density polystyrene 160g/l
  • Top bee space
  • Interlocking rebated edges
  • Water ingress protection
  • Brood boxes and Supers reinforced with rigid plastic.
  • Space for hive tools incision allowing easier separation of boxes
  • Built-in frame runners
  • Professionally painted in Blue/Yellow or Sage/Grey

Frames/foundation, if included, comprise of :
12  14″x12″ National Hoffman Frames and Wired Foundation (flat pack)
12 SN4 National Hoffman Super Frames and Wired Premium Foundation (flat pack)

The hive consists of:

  • Roof
  • Crown Board
  • Super x 1
  • Brood Box 14×12
  • Varroa Floor with Entrance Reducer